Garra Rufa Fish Spa – What’s this?

Garra Rufa Fish Spa – What’s this?

Garra Rufa – freshwater fish used to treat skin diseases, sometimes called “doctor’s fish”.

It is a small species found in Anatolia river basins in Turkey, northwest and Mediterranean, mainly in Syria, Iraq, Iran and Oman. It feeds on algae in nature – especially like green algae, diatoms, small crustaceans, seeds, insect larvae and other microorganisms.

Pedi fish – a pedicure with fish.

Do you want to experience unexpected emotions and make the beauty procedure a bit different than usual? Garra Rufa (fish) SPA – a procedure for tired feet. If you like exotics and are not very sensitive to foot stitching, this kind of feet care is created just for you.

How is it going

Customer’s legs are placed in specialized aquariums, where about 100-200 small fish of the carp tribe float, which thoroughly cleanse the legs of dead skin particles.

The result

• Foot Peeping

• Micromassage

• softer and smoother foot skin

• positive emotional charge for the whole day

• Relieve stress and strain caused during the working day

and all this will be the small GARRA RUFA fish.

We offer this procedure for adults and children. At the same time, the service can be used up to 4 people.

Important: We do not serve customers if:

• There is a skin or nail disorder;

• Children under 7 years of age;

• and people under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substances.

It is advisable not to use creams, oils and any other cosmetic products on the day of treatment on the legs up to and including the knee.

The procedure is not recommended 24 hours after waxing and pedicure.