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Procedures for the face and decollete area

We offer several procedures for the face and decollete area.



Massage is a touch system, it’s art. Each touch nourishes the body, mind, soul.

The massage is for everyone – adults, children, middle-aged people. It needs healthy people to maintain good health. Massage in the classical massages by hand massage the whole body or separate areas of the body – squeezing, rubbing or kneading to:

  • calm the nervous system
  • remove muscle tension
  • improve blood circulation
  • improve muscle tone
  • remove metabolic end products

SPA rituals

SPA rituals are a set of procedures aimed at improving the physical and mental condition of a person. It is peace, candlelight, relaxing music and massages. SPA rituals are the harmony of soul and body, the scent of the most delicate flowers, freshness and morning cleanliness. The spa ritual includes scrub, mask and massage.



We offer to take care of your hands. We will take care of both adults and children. During the procedure, you will get beautiful tricks that will bring your femininity and make you feel confident about yourself! We offer:

  • Classical manicure
  • Gentleman’s manicure
  • EKSPRESS SPA for hands
  • SPA procedure for hands


Pedicure is a procedure that makes your legs and leg nails cleaner and more beautiful. Regular pedicure procedures not only improve the appearance of your legs, but also help to avoid various nail and foot diseases. During this procedure, both your feet and nails are cleaned up.
We offer two types of pedicures:

  • Express pedicure
  • Classical pedicure

Eyelashes & Eyebrows

We offer :

  • Eyebrow shaping
  • Eyebrow coloring
  • Eyelash coloring

Garra Rufa Fish SPA

A new and unbelievable way to relax, get new emotions and beauty. With fish spa you will get: gentle and relaxing foot peeling, foot micromassage, softer and younger foot skin, positive emotional charge for the whole day. Fish Spa helps you get rid of the stress and tension that accumulates during the day.

We offer this procedure for adults and children. At the same time, we can provide services for 2 people.

How is the procedure done:

• Foot scrub masters are Garra Rufa fish (called “fish as a doctor”), which gently crumble and feed on the dead skin of the skin of the foot with gently lipstick.
• Do not be afraid, the fish do not have a tooth – they do not hamper the skin and do not create a sense of discomfort, in contrast to the fish makes a pleasant twitching.
• The peeling procedure is quite simple – take your feet in a special aquarium with warm water, which holds small fish and lets you have a gentle, relaxing treatment.
• Special attention is paid to hygiene: aquariums are equipped with a strong filtration system that cleans water mechanically and then biologically, and ends treatment of water with UV radiation, destroying bad bacteria.



Cured body is fashionable all year! As a result of waxing, the hair follicle is attenuated, and the hair grows much slower, moreover, when waxing regularly, the hair becomes brittle and less common, and you get less and less care. Be radiant and confident about yourself! in the cozy salon “Old Riga Garra Rufa SPA” in the Old Town.

Smooth and silky skin throughout the year!

About the procedure:

  • Before treatment, the skin is treated with a special tool to ensure a smooth and painless removal of the hair
  • After the procedure, the skin is peppered with a mild remedy that disinfects, calms and prevents hair loss.
  • Duration of the procedure depending on the area to be treated

Useful information:

  • When waxing, the hair should grow at least 0.5 cm in length
  • Before waxing in the procedure, it is recommended to do peeling to increase the waxing efficiency
  • When traveling on a bikini wax, it’s best to drag free cotton linen to avoid unnecessary irritation after the procedure.

Remember that immediately after waxing is not recommended:

  • Visit the pool, sauna
  • Use deodorant, and also nourish the nourishing cream on the treated part of the body
  • Sunbathe and visit the solarium
  • Wear loose and synthetic linen
  • Visit the gym
Old Riga Garra Rufa SPA

Take care of yourself and your skin