About us

About us

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We provide a pleasant, warm and cozy environment that will make everyone feel welcome and important.
We want our customers to provide health and well-being procedures with high-quality, professional cosmetics, the composition of which is maximally friendly to the health of the customers while maintaining the excellent procedures.
Our work is our lifestyle and it motivates us to continue to grow and grow.
Old Riga Garra Rufa SPA


Give them a relaxing spa or beauty treatment.
Old Riga Garra Rufa SPA
Our salon is located in the Old Town, Kalēlu Street 39, near the t / c Gallery Riga since August 14, 2012.
We offer various beauty and wellness-improving treatments in small and cozy rooms in the heart of Old Town Riga.
For more information about procedures see the services section.

Get pleasure and peace!

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